HAUNT /hɔːnt/


v.  To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost.


n.  A place much frequented.


v.  To haunt one’s thoughts or memory.




The history of this town haunts us.


These buildings in which we live are spectres of past opulence.


The healing of this town is not for us.




Harrogate is known for its past as a wealthy spa town, and still has a reputation as a genteel place of tea rooms and flower shows.


This is not the Harrogate of everyone. For some people this idealised history is a haunting presence in their lives. In the fabric of buildings where they live in one room, or the parks where they sleep. Their experiences are muffled beneath the dominant voice of Harrogate.


Haunt will explore how people who are homeless, or bedsit residents, live inside these ghosts of the town’s past. Haunt will give people a place to tell stories not normally heard in the accepted narrative of the town and bring them to a wider audience.



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